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Air India 182

Gunnarsson, Sturla

• On June 22, 1985, Air India 182 left Montreal, bound for Delhi via London Heathrow. It never made it. Four hours after takeoff, 200 miles off the Irish coast, a bomb ripped through the baggage compartment and the plane disintegrated at 30,000 feet, killing all 329 people on board.
• It was the most deadly act of air terrorism in history before 9/11. The bombing was the result of a Vancouver-based conspiracy whose members were under investigation by Canadian Intelligence in the months leading up to the explosion.
• Air India 182 is a first-person account of that conspiracy and the lives that were altered by it, as told by those who were directly involved. Intimate, direct-to-camera testimony is interwoven with reconstructions of key moments in the conspiracy, based entirely on court documents, de-classified intelligence reports and wiretaps. The film counts down the final weeks and hours before Air India 182 disappeared off Irish radar screens and we sleepwalked into the era of international terrorism.

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